Power of Duplication for Financial Freedom

Power of Duplication (POD) is a simple concept yet most people fail to understand it correctly and completely. Smart Entrepreneurs understand this principle and use it for attaining financial freedom. Ordinary people doubt or even refuse to believe and will lose out on an amazing business opportunity.

Let Us Begin with a Scenario:

Suppose you are offered a project by a MNC that will take 31 days. The project can be successfully completed in 31 days as it is well suited to your talents and abilities. The company offers you two remuneration options for successful completion of the project:

  • Option A – They pay you Rs. 1 Lakh every day for 31 days.
  • Option B – They pay you Re 1 on the first day and then double your daily income every day. They also offer you projection of 16 days how your income will be during those days.

w640 (1)

Now you have to make a choice – to go for Rs. 1 Lakh per day or guess what 31 days will bring.

Which pay option will you pick and Why? (Most people grab the option A)

So, you have made your choice.

Now let’s have a look at how things will look like after 31 days. Be ready for the SHOCK of your life.

w640 (2)


This demonstrates the Power of Duplication (POD). No wonder why Einstien called it the ‘Eight Wonder of the World‘.

Using the Power of Duplication

The Surprising Power of Duplication can be used in many ways – from marketing of a product to changing consciousness of humans. To consider an example of how the consciousness of humans can be changed, simply go back in history when everyone believed the earth to be flat. At that time when few visionaries (minority) started to believe that earth was not flat but round, imagine trying to convince others (majority) of this fact. It was almost impossible. One would try convincing people for hours, days, weeks or even years to believe that earth is actually round. But today even children understand this basic principle of earth being round. Consciousness has been changed for humans thanks to few visionaries who thought differently. The same principle is equally applicable in business domain.

Marketing Gurus are constantly looking for ways to advertise and expose their product line to customers. They develop promotional campaigns, not just to sell a few products, but always with the desire to “reach a tipping point” where the word of mouth from happy customers take over and surpass their own advertising. When marketers hit the magic number, their product line sales will sky rocket. You see, “Duplication of the message became a word of mouth success“. How? Through happy customers, each telling their friends of their wonderful purchase. So, Duplication Works!

If you look at the chart above, you will see there is a tipping point beginning around day 21. Once it has duplicated 20 times, the doubling effect compounds dramatically, thus reaching larger numbers so fast it appears an almost instant success.

Not everyone finds it easy to duplicate the business. But it actually becomes easy if you know the 3 secrets of success. And the 3 secrets are – Communication, Communication and Communication.