15 Ways Network Marketing Enables Personal Growth

Network marketing is not just an opportunity for people to achieve financial success.  The true success of a network marketer also entails a great deal of personal growth. Here are 15 areas in which network marketing can help in your development:

1. Well-developed business acumen

Business acumen is the eagerness and speed with which you understand and deal with a business situation in a manner that would lead to a desirable outcome. Network marketing helps you continuously cultivate your knowledge of how the trade works and facilitates your ability to make good professional judgments and quick business decisions each day.

2. Sense of Ownership

Network marketing is all about building your own business. Network marketers do not simply work for a company—they represent it and are given the liberty to decide how to manage their trade.

3. Mindset for success

Being in this business does not simply equip you with the skills and smarts to solve problems and tackle tasks. Network marketing also helps you develop the right mindset to jumpstart your journey towards success and keep you going until you reach your goals.

4. Positive attitude

With the right mindset for success comes the right attitude towards work and everyday life. Network marketing does not just mold your mind into always thinking forward and confidently, it also equips you with the proper attitude to display when performing tasks.

5. Improved person-to-person relations

Network marketing thrives on personal connections. Success in the industry is built on mutual trust and quality time spent enhancing relationships with your network, and these do not only benefit you professionally but it helps you create good friends as well.

6. Confidence in public speaking

Not only will you improve your interpersonal relations, being a network marketer also enables you to improve your presentation skills and build your confidence in public speaking. This profession involves presenting the business model and products to groups of people, small and large, on a regular basis and like they say, practice makes perfect!

7. Teamwork

Since network marketing is all about building your own business, it also gives you the opportunity to build and work with a team, where you not only learn how to be a great team player but also be able to enhance your leadership potential.

8. Leadership

Developing good leadership skills is highly important in achieving network marketing success. Network marketers each become the leader of their own networks in that they hold the responsibility of training them in the business and motivating them to do well.

9. Dressing up smartly

Most professions require you to dress well and always appear presentable at work. For network marketers, clothes and appearance are very much part of the entire package. Learning to dress smartly does not only make you look good to others, it also helps in boosting your confidence.

10. Well-versed in the use of technology

Networking has been made even more convenient by the new technologies in communications and the existence of social media. To add to this, network marketing companies generally equip their representatives with digital marketing support. Communication done with the use of technology can be just as important as face-to-face conversations in enhancing personal relations and generating better sales leads for your business.

11. Constant thirst for knowledge

Continuous improvement is a huge part of the network marketing business, as owners and representatives discover innovative ways to grow their business and find different means to improve their skills. A good network marketer is a well-rounded learner, as this helps him or her connect with people faster and tackle challenges better.

12. Time Freedom

Because a network marketing business is your own business, you also have more control over the time you need to spend on the job. Being in this business allows for a more flexible schedule that would allow you to balance your time for work and play better.

13. Happy family life

Not only will you be able to provide better things for your loved ones, being in network marketing also allows you to spend more of your quality time with them.  What’s more, you could also invite your parents, siblings, children, and spouse to invest in network marketing and make it a family business.

14. Financial Freedom

Diligence pays off in network marketing in that it provides those who perform business well with plenty of financial freedom. It does not matter which background you come from; if you are willing to work hard enough and stick it out in the long haul, you can reap the generous rewards of network marketing through the sales that you make as well as residual income. This allows you to continue to earn based on efforts you put forth initially, and enjoy the fruits of your hard work for months and years to come.

15. Opportunity to help more and more people

This people-driven business offers equal opportunity to those who are willing to work hard for success. The nature of network marketing allows those in the business to reach out to others and provide them with the chance to benefit, grow, and succeed just as they have. Those who have raised themselves in the business are enabled to help mankind and touch a billion hearts.

Happy Networking!

Taken from : Success in a Cup