QNet Tie-up with Western Union Money Transfer

Thanks to advances in technology and the streamlining of policies that govern money and international banking worldwide, the days of getting paid via cheque payment have fast become a thing of the past and we are in the age of faster money transfer.

Your Qashout account is now available with the Western Union Money Transfer option
with which you can quickly and easily transfer funds from Qashout.com to 400,000 Western Union locations worldwide, for cash pickup. Your funds will be available for pickup in 1 business day at any Western Union agent location within the selected country.

QNET Independent Representatives are fortunate to belong to such a forward looking multi-national organization that is always looking out for their best interests and now have a new way to access their cash commissions with the newly introduced Western Union Money Transfer option in addition to bank deposits and international wire transfers on their Qashout.com accounts.

Qashout.com is an efficient electronic commission payment portal, which offers seamless transfer of funds from a Q-Account, to anywhere in the world offering Independent Representatives competitive bank exchange and transfer rates. With the new option, funds are now easily available in 400,000 Western Union locations and cash can be picked up after one business day.


You just need to follow the Seven Simple Steps.

  1. Login to your Qashout.com account
  2. Click “Western Union” under the Wallet Tools menu on the left
  3. Pick your receiving country where you want to pickup cash
  4. Select currencies, enter (optional) test question and answer*
  5. Enter amount to transfer and any personal notes about the transfer
  6. Confirm the details of the transfer before proceeding
  7. Your Western Union cash pickup transfer will be completed

Note: The optional test question and answer is an added security measure; you can select a question that might be asked to your recipient when he/she picks up cash at a Western Union and it must be answered correctly.

An email containing an ‘MTCN Code” and link to the Western Union website to find the nearest agent location will also be sent. You’ll need to present the MTCN code to a Western Union agent (along with valid photo ID) to claim your funds. You may also be required to answer a test question if you defined one during the Western Union transfer in your Qashout account.

A flat fee of US$20.00 is chargeable regardless of the amount that is sent and the maximum transfer amount is US$1,000. Maximum Western Union transfer amount is $1000.00 USD/dayFunds will be held at Western Union for 30 days after which time, they will be returned to the respective Qashout.com account.

Source: Obtainer Online |  QNet Blog